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Inspired on a Friday

My favourite patterns, on fabric or paper are stars, with spots a close second and I was searching through some quilt fabric web sites when I came across this range… Get a load of those polka dots, love em, and they look even more lush in real life, so I’m sharing the range as inspiration today….

Hope you can do something with this.


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Font day

Decisions, decisions …

I’m not really a “grunge” person per say, but I love this typeface, I have used it on a couple of cards. It won’t cut on craft robo or cricut as it has too many twiddley bits but it prints great and I think the bigger the better.

It is also free for personal use so even better, you can find it here


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Colourful Wednesday

Inspiration today comes from a photo, not only do I have a “thing” about beach huts but I think that the intense colours of this particular photo should induce a happy mood no matter what you choose to do.

Happy Wednesday

Original Photo can be found here


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Tuesday’s To Do

Alrighty, Tuesday’s to do is a more of a how to than a to do !!

Its a nice simple step by step to make a bow for decorating gift packaging. Again I think its fab that they can be made from Junk Mail, Magazine pages and maps, Love this type of re-purposing. Guess what my Christmas packaging is going to look like !!



You can find the step by steps here

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Monday’s freebie

OK hope you like this one…

Its been at the forefront of me mind recently so I decided to go with a Christmas to do list, you can print it off here. hope it helps to get you organised.

xmas to do

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Friday’s Inspiration

Homemade, that’s the inspiration for today.

In light of the current financial situation and the usually expensive holiday season looming on the horizon, I have been exploring the very real possibilities of home made gifts, cards, paper, tags etc..

I mean lets face it I am quite craft orientated, so making my own cards and tags shouldn’t be an issue, but I always have these grand ideas about making friends and family their christmas gifts every year, but I always chicken out, mainly because on the whole I worry that handmade gifts won’t be as as well received as bought gifts.

Time is also an issue, trying to fit in making the gifts in between all the other stuff, but in a bid to try and maintain some restraint with the budget this Christmas I am attempting to give home made gifts where ever possible {GULP} and try not to worry too much about the reaction.

So cards and tags for definite, wrapping paper; absolutely.

Teachers gifts, YEP

Mom, Sister, Niece, close female friends; covered (some are even finished !!)

Men in my family, not so easy, I think this is where the budget and shop bought gifts are the safest option, except for the newest member of the family, a great nephew, due on Christmas Eve, he is definitely getting a one off custom designed Christmas Stocking !!

So as usual I am listing a few ideas below for home made gifts, some simple some not so simple. Even if you only attempt one home made gift this year its still an achievement …

Please feel free to share more ideas in the comments.

Home made from the heart.

Christmas stockings
Advent Calendars
2010 Calendars
Favourite photos of 2009, Framed
Photo Books
Knitted Gifts (If you Knit)
Quilted gifts (If you can Quilt)
Hand made Pictures, Framed.
Clothes ?
Tote Bags (or any other variety too)
Cooking or baking Mixes, presented in useful containers with related tools, cookie cutters etc..
PJ’s ( make cotton bottoms and add a simple shop bought T shirt)

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Thursday’s Font

WOW at last no rain… I know its only been three days but three days of constant rain seems like three weeks.

Ok on to the font… Anyone who knows my layout’s knows that I don’t really do much journaling.
But I do like any journaling I do to look good, I prefer the magazine style of type setting, in a column, justified and usually one and a half line spaced. It also gives me the ability to use a “slightly” fancier font, one of my “go to” journaling fonts is American Typewriter, it looks better in bigger point sizes, so no good for teeny tiny labels and tags but wonderful, in my opinion, for blocks of journaling. I particularly like the condensed light version


Unfortunately this isn’t a freebie, but there are lots of similar looking fonts that are, try here for a wide variety

Give it a go

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Wednesdays Colour Inspiration

I have been looking for something bright and cheerful, a change from the general feeling here in dull, dreary and wet Essex, but to be perfectly honest I’m Struggling.

So I am going to leave you with, in my opinion, a cheery little colour scheme. Do with it what you will.

colour spots

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What to do on a Tuesday

I think Tuesdays may well become recommendation day, I may recommend a book, a web site or a blog, and then probably once a month do a sketch.

As it is the month of the “scary celebrations day” I thought I would recommend some Halloween stuff I have been seeing on some of the sites and blogs I look at.

Paper Pumpkins – cute decorations


Gorgeous FREE printable tags for trick or treat bags, great for scrapbook layouts too.


I love the punkinghead font for halloween (free for personal use), its great to use as a template for Jack-O-lanters. Just pick a face you like, make it huge using the format font option, say 400pt, I also change mine whilst in format font to outline, them print it out and stick to a pumpkin and get carving !


I am sure I will discover lots more stuff during the next week or so, I will keep you posted.

Have Fun

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Monday Free Printables

This is a glorious little illustration on a beautifully designed card, its purpose, house moving , but I think it would look fab printed off and used as a journalling card (what else…) on a layout (must find out what that is!)

I have to admit that I am having a very lean period, where scrapbooking is concerned this year. I have hardly done any layouts and when I have they have usually been for a magazine feature or as part of a challenge.
I am hoping to address this issue SOON, but I am fast approaching a busy time with my “paid work” and of course there is that “holiday, that must not be named” at the end of the year so I can see me not getting anything done til next year, YUK !
I suppose I could always try and overcome a personal fear and start doing mini books instead, the jury is still out on that one.

OK back to the freebie, you can find it here.

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