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I have added another page to my ever expanding collection, but this one actually has something on it, YEP, shock, gasp, horror….

I am going to be loading sketches regularly to this page weekly or monthly, what do you think ? Leave a comment and let me know.

All sketches will be designed by me and not copied from anywhere else, they obviously reflect my style of scrap booking, photos, title, subtitle and minimal journaling. I am aiming for simple and easily do-able.

If you use one of my sketches, share, email me a jpeg of your completed LO for the gallery.

Just to get the ball rolling I am adding 4 sketches during today one for every week in June so far !

Here is a link to the sketches

2 thoughts on “Sketches

  1. I love the sketches, but I can only see 2, and can I suggest you link to them from your post, so those of us who are half asleep can find them!

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