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I love the word “organised”

Being organised is satisfying, getting organised is terrifying.

I am an “everything should have a home” kind of person and in an ideal world the clutter in my home would be minimal and everything would be put away at the end of the day, however this never works in practice. No matter how much purging I do we always seem to have too much stuff, and that seems to be across the board, toys, clothes, shoes, junk in the loft, photos, dvds, books, EVERYTHING

OR I am just not utilising our space that well and this is the excuse I am opting for, I’m not lazy or messy or unorganised I just need to rethink our storage.
Problem number one, where to begin. Tricky when every room needs attention.
This is definitely one of my personal goals for this summer making better usage of the storage that we do have.

Oh to live in IKEA !!

To finish off this post I am adding a few links to some of the websites I like to browse for organisation and storage tips…. Enjoy

Martha Stewart
Abby Garvey Simplify 101
Living Etc Magazine
Real Simple Magazine

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