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You can never have too many labels

OK so I didn’t quite manage one freebie post a day, blame it on me not getting the scheduling to work properly whilst I was away, but I am here and I have another link to some more freebies.

I love looking at other peoples organisation, their ideas, their space and hopefully getting inspired to do something with my own space.

Anyway I saw these on The Container Stores site and thought, YAY great freebies.

Essentially the label sizes are designed to fit the stores own range of storage options but they would be useful for lots of other options too. Have a look, see if you can find a design and size that fits your needs.

My personal favourite is the acro bin size they are large enough to use as journaling cards on scrapbook pages too.
Just click on the design you like and a printable PDF page of labels in that
Here is an example of some of the designs.


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