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Thursday and Friday

Well life kind of got in the way of blog posting yesterday and I had to actually do my paid job!!
so I didn’t get around to posting a font, no matter I am making up for it today and posting Friday’s share too.

One of my all time favourite display fonts is BEBAS, I use it alot, I like to combine it with a cursive or script font to create a title with contrast. anyway if you want to give it a go you can find it here free for personal use.


Inspiration, always a tricky decision as lots of different things inspire me at the moment. I am loving displays of quilting fabric, sewing was my first love and I am attempting to get back to doing some fabric projects soon, I can totally loose myself in a fabric store.

Whilst I think I have a knack for putting a colour scheme together I admire the combinations of colours and patterns that textile designers produce.

So today’s inspiration is a stack of quilting fabric from Denyse Schmidt

see if you can be inspired by these colours and patterns.


One thought on “Thursday and Friday

  1. Gorgeous fabrics! I quite agree about losing oneself in a fabric store. Such a pity there are so few of them around. Shopping on line is great but not quite the same.

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