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Inspiration on a Friday

WRAPPING, I know that holiday that must not be mentioned, is still a good few weeks away, thankfully, but I am starting to think about it just a little. Whilst I was browsing through various blogs and web sites, I was mentally noting down ideas for gift wrapping.

I like my gifts to look special wrapped, especially the gifts for the adults, kids (mine for sure) I’m afraid to say, wouldn’t care if theirs were wrapped in newspaper, its all ripped off 2 seconds after getting the gift in their sticky little mits!

As this Christmas is going to be a fairly lean affair financially for many of us I am opting for the more cost effective wrapping options. I am thinking, brown paper, tissue paper, possibly maps newspapers or magazines and then some home printed stuff.

So with all that in mind I am adding a link to a few sites here that have some great ideas for home made gift wrapping.

Martha Stewart – particularly love the mini shopping bags (free clip art download) for small gifts.

Real Simple – love this use for hair bobbles

Eco Ideas

Chrictmas Magazine – like the bells as a gift topper

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