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What to do on a Tuesday

I think Tuesdays may well become recommendation day, I may recommend a book, a web site or a blog, and then probably once a month do a sketch.

As it is the month of the “scary celebrations day” I thought I would recommend some Halloween stuff I have been seeing on some of the sites and blogs I look at.

Paper Pumpkins – cute decorations


Gorgeous FREE printable tags for trick or treat bags, great for scrapbook layouts too.


I love the punkinghead font for halloween (free for personal use), its great to use as a template for Jack-O-lanters. Just pick a face you like, make it huge using the format font option, say 400pt, I also change mine whilst in format font to outline, them print it out and stick to a pumpkin and get carving !


I am sure I will discover lots more stuff during the next week or so, I will keep you posted.

Have Fun

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