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Friday’s Inspiration

Homemade, that’s the inspiration for today.

In light of the current financial situation and the usually expensive holiday season looming on the horizon, I have been exploring the very real possibilities of home made gifts, cards, paper, tags etc..

I mean lets face it I am quite craft orientated, so making my own cards and tags shouldn’t be an issue, but I always have these grand ideas about making friends and family their christmas gifts every year, but I always chicken out, mainly because on the whole I worry that handmade gifts won’t be as as well received as bought gifts.

Time is also an issue, trying to fit in making the gifts in between all the other stuff, but in a bid to try and maintain some restraint with the budget this Christmas I am attempting to give home made gifts where ever possible {GULP} and try not to worry too much about the reaction.

So cards and tags for definite, wrapping paper; absolutely.

Teachers gifts, YEP

Mom, Sister, Niece, close female friends; covered (some are even finished !!)

Men in my family, not so easy, I think this is where the budget and shop bought gifts are the safest option, except for the newest member of the family, a great nephew, due on Christmas Eve, he is definitely getting a one off custom designed Christmas Stocking !!

So as usual I am listing a few ideas below for home made gifts, some simple some not so simple. Even if you only attempt one home made gift this year its still an achievement …

Please feel free to share more ideas in the comments.

Home made from the heart.

Christmas stockings
Advent Calendars
2010 Calendars
Favourite photos of 2009, Framed
Photo Books
Knitted Gifts (If you Knit)
Quilted gifts (If you can Quilt)
Hand made Pictures, Framed.
Clothes ?
Tote Bags (or any other variety too)
Cooking or baking Mixes, presented in useful containers with related tools, cookie cutters etc..
PJ’s ( make cotton bottoms and add a simple shop bought T shirt)

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