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I am inspired by design generally and it doesn’t always have to be something new or cutting edge.

Type will always be my thing I have always loved lettering, when I was a teenager every place I visited I would always pick up “printed” stuff from places we visited, Menus, postcards, tickets, drink mats, food wrappers and I always took photos of road signs and shop signs when we visited other countries.

See, I have always been a collector of memories and therefore a scrapbooker even though I never really knew it.

Logos are also one of my big “likes” (again with the lettering) which led me whilst I was doing my graphic design degree to do my thesis on carrier bags (can you believe it) I spent many happy hours trolling around the stores in Leeds asking for a sample carrier bag. My favourites were those yummy block bottomed with cord handles from higher end stores (these are still my favourites now and yes I do still hoard them !)

So today be inspired by by type/lettering and logos that you see as you go about your daily life.

If you have a camera phone take a photo, if you carry a notepad jot down the store or brand you liked and look it up on the internet when you get home.

Here are a few images from flickr to get you going.

Go over to flick yourself and look at all the other entries under typography and lettering




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