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Tuesday’s To Do

Well, it all depends how creative you are feeling today. Me personally, not so much, but I’m hoping to change that.

PUMPKIN CARVING, let me hear you say YAY !!

Ok so that’s a not so enthusiastic response, well I know that Halloween celebrations here in the UK are more low key than in the states and a lot of people here are “Halloween, sorry, when and why did we start celebrating THAT”

BUT when you have kids you tend to get suckered into the whole shenanigan and I do love fancy dress, even if I am doing it vicariously through my kids and the dog (OK sorry, I’m just kidding I won’t be dressing the dog up, but it is tempting ! )

ANYHOO back to pumpkins, I have been looking around for some designs for carving. I usually just get the boys to pick their favourite face from punkinhead font and then enlarge it to A4 size, print it out and transfer the design to the pumpkin and get carving.

But I have found some other nice ideas on the web so here they are, some are more advanced and some are a little more gruesome, hopefully something for every taste.

Hersheys – Kid friendly and definitely achievable
the designs range from easy to advanced.

Extreme Pumpkins – More wacky and probably more appealing to grown ups, fun to look at none the less

Pumpkin Masters – 4 free stencils here again nice and simple.

Pumpkin Lady – These ones aren’t free (between $1.50 and $2.50) but there is a lot of inspiration on there.

Celebrating Halloween – Again great ideas, especially love the word designs, more complex carving skills needed though.

Martha Stewart – Of course there’s always Martha !


Have a Sqishy Tuesday !!

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