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Tuesday’s To Do

Paper Windmills OR Pin Wheels whatever you prefer. These are going to be my simple paper ornament of choice this festive season, I am going to make a decoration for my table that involves a selection of these in different sizes, hopefully in a large glass bowl of some description filled with a string of battery powered white fairy lights

The alternatives I have come up with for what to make them out of are :-
scrapbook paper (obviously)
some Christmas Wrapping paper
some old newspaper print (just text)
copied text from a christmas story
Music scores of christmas crackers

If you don’t know how to make one here are some basic instructions and a template, just enlarge it to your chosen size.


1.Using the pinwheel pattern as a template, cut out two 4-inch squares and adhere them together with the pattern side out.
2.Make a cut at each corner towards the middle up to the circle.
3.Punch a hole in the corners as shown then start folding your corners towards the middle.
4.Place a brad through the holes and into the center.
5.Place brad through a plastic drinking straw


You can of course stick with the simple straight cut, but if you want to try something a little more complicated check this out on Heather Bailey’s Blog.


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