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Thank Crunchie its Friday

OK Inspiration, tricky one this morning, I am not very inspired myself and have a lot of “work” on at the moment, plus I have gone into over drive with list making, I now have a master list, EVERYTHING goes on this from “Buy Milk” to “redecorate cloakroom”. Then prioritise, taking stuff off it daily and weekly and obviously adding more to it. I’m also running a Christmas gift list and a Christmas food list. I know this all sounds a bit messy but it saves me carrying all this around in my head and feeling overwhelmed all the time, just knowing its written down makes me feel calmer.

Even though we have 50 days to THAT DAY all my thoughts seem to be festive related at the moment, that’s the key word too, thought, I am thinking about it but not really doing anything about it.

Whilst doing some festive research I cam across this site RE – Found Objects Its an interiors shop with a really inspiring site, lush photographs too and I really like their graphics.


Here is a taster ….

I might have to get a few of these and they won’t break the bank either.





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