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SO …

I have been a lapsed blogger again, and I was doing SO well !!

Excuses, hmmm let me see there are several :-

1. Well apart from having lots of must do paid work and a mag deadline loomimg (see Paper Craft Inspirations issue no:70)

2. Spending most of Monday in casualty, long and not very interesting story (see below)

3. Husband at home (hanging around like a bad smell) another unnecessary story, involving a possibly ruptured tendon, pain, anti inflammatories, a set of crutches and a weeks wait for an ortho appointment.

4. I’m trying to find time to design some great typographic Christmas designs for you guys to use on your cards and tags.

So as I don’t want to leave you all empty handed for the weekend, here are a couple of links. Emilie Ahern has a great sketch and two layouts using it on her blog, I felt very inspired looking at it.


Got my hands on a copy of the winter Garnet Hill catalogue, beautiful stuff, a bit like a US version of Boden, anyway this quilt really caught my eye it is gorgeous and I love the simplicity of this one too.



One thought on “SO …

  1. absolutely love those quilts and the layouts are very effective.. not into digi though but could take inspiration from them…

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