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I am not even going to bore you with the reasons why my blog hasn’t been updated recently

Needless to say I hope that this is me returning on a daily basis, because I really do enjoy sharing stuff with those of you who are sticking with me, dropping by now and again just to check….

apart from working (I have two jobs) doing a magazine feature for paper craft Inspirations issue 70 (I know I mentioned this before) planning for that big festive holiday that is creeping up on me (Its not December yet so we still don’t mention its name in my house) I have committed myself to taking part in not one but TWO online classes.

I seriously NEED my head looking at !

I am attempting to take better seasonal photos this year, all my previous Christmas photos lack a certain something so I have joined Cheryl Johnson’s 12 day’s of Christmas and I’m hoping for better results this year.

Secondly I am, once again, attempting to do a Christmas journal, I am onboard with Shimelle Laine’s Journal your Christmas, this will be my fifth year, I took part in the very first test year as well as all the consecutive years, however I have to admit that I have only managed to finish ONE journal, but I am promising another one for this year, I have already made a third of the pages and got them in my binder.

Ok so you are all up to speed with me, for now, I’m going to leave you with a freebie from Inspired Bride Its a downloadable PDF that gives clear instructions on how to create a lovely floral patterned paper to print out at home and it can be adapted to any colour way. Download it here

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