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First Day of advent

Ok no more ignoring it now, its official, we have started the holiday season !!

My boys were super excited this morning, their advent calendars went up last night and this morning the Christmas fairy (well somebody has to be responsible for it !) has left them a small toy each in the number one pocket.

We also count down each day using a cute chimney ornament with FC (Father Christmas) perched on a stack of date sticks and the boys take it in turns to take a stick out a day, then slowly and surely FC makes his way down the chimney.

Today is also the first day of the year when the boys are allowed to say CHRISTMAS out loud, I know “I’m so harsh !” anyway as pay back they ran around the house this morning, 7am to be precise shouting Christmas over and over again.

Hope you are enjoying some of your own festive traditions.

Have a look here if you fancy loading a festive calendar wallpaper onto your PC or MAC, go on you know you want to, I’m off to select one for myself now.

Here is just one example

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