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SO ….. Scrapbooking, are you doing any ?

I am not I have to say and I haven’t done any real scrapbooking for quite some time now, you know the kind, scrapbooking because you want to.

I have been thinking about it, the reason I haven’t done any, its not because I don’t want to quite the opposite really, I just haven’t felt motivated to do any.

Back at the begining of December I decided to give myself the proverbial kick up the backside and do a combination of the December Daily and Shimelle’s Christmas Journal, I had after all got last years one all set up that I never completed, actually I never got past creating the blank pages!

BUT guess what…. YUP I never got past thinking about it this year, stuff got in the way, you know, life, laundry, sick Husbands and the whole holiday season and before I knew where I was it was January again !

So what to do about this “whole want to scrapbook but can’t be bothered syndrome”

I’m considering jumping on the “365 project life bandwagon” inspired by Ali Edwards I think it would address alot of my “why I don’t scrapbook” issues, you do a little everyday, no pressure to produce a whole layout, using everyday photos, not masses of journalling, fits into life easily, documents a whole year rather than specific events.

Unfortunately I am coming to this party 26 days too late, but I am hopeful that I can play catch up, I am aiming to get sorted this week, I have a D ring album and some divided page protectors to get me started and I am designing myself some custom journalling cards that will fit my purpose, finally I hope to start sharing some of this creativity here.

If you want to find out about Project life 365 you can find details here

And as I really don’t like “wordy” posts here is a photo.

A slice of my everyday life

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