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Never Ending

Why is it that its only your Laundry and your “To Do” list that is never ending?

Working on both of these things today, I am fast approaching the “why bother washing clothes as they only get dirty again” stage but I know deep down that is SO not practical.

My TO DO list is another matter entirely, I take three things off and add five things to the bottom, or the three things I just completed have themselves generated another bunch of things to add to the bottom of the list.

In reality I know that I am never going to have an empty To Do list, as LAUNDRY will always be on it !!

But I am aiming to get the priority and deadline stuff done so that I can sneak in a few “want to do’s”

Went for a very chilly walk at the weekend and tried to take some photos for my 365 album, Phooey ! is all I have to say about those. None of them came out as I had imagined they would, felt a bit deflated about them really. Although I really liked this one, this is a keeper.

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