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Its official…

… I am creatively challenged.

Its taken me all week so far to design a journalling card I am happy with for “My 365” and I’m not actually that sure I like it now !!

Any way, I am failing on the taking a photo a day, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to manage that, its not for lack of trying but I always seem to think about the photo when its too late in the day and the lighting is rubbish.
Another hold up is the page protectors, the ones I have don’t fit properly in the album I have, SO I am waiting on some new protectors that fit the album.

In the mean time I figured I would get on with the first page which is essentially my front cover, I don’t have any great, recent photos of the family so I am using a drawing that my Son did for me this weekend.
NOW I’m dithering about the format of the front cover should it be in divided page protectors like the rest of the album or should I make a 12×12 layout.

OH THE PROCRASTINATING …… It’s going to make my head implode !!

On the flip side I will post my home made journalling cards later today. But for now I leave you with my family portrait.

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