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Feeling the need to Spring Clean!

I’m not a tidy person, mostly organised but not tidy. I have piles of clutter all over my house and I think its a reflection of what is going on in my head at the time !!

BUT I feel quite stifled by it all, it almost like I can’t get on and do what needs to be done while I have all this stuff that needs putting away.

SO I am putting together a plan to GET STUFF SORTED (no sniggering in the cheap seats, MOM !!) I am great at planning just really weak at carrying things out and getting them done.

Anyhoo, I am spending this week finishing off some work things, clearing out my scrapbook stash, what’s left of it, this is in preparation for moving my workspace downstairs and putting the boys into separate rooms, this in turn will enforce some much needed house decorating (bleugh!)

So I am starting slowly and planning to do one room at a time, declutter, clean, paint where necessary, tidy and reorganise. Damm tall order if you ask me but hey it needs to be done. I am aiming to have alot of the preliminary stuff done by the end of May so that the painting marathon can begin.

In order to inspire me and kick start the process I have been looking at some new, to me, web sites. Bit of a time stuck but interesting and inspiring too.

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