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It’s true time really does fly

And not just when you are having fun, the days just seem to be whizzing by this year.

On Easter break at the moment, into our second week and it has been a good holiday so far, plenty of stuff going on, visits from family, lots of the kids friends round and a change in the weather, WHOOPEE !

On the down side I got another year older, actually its not so bad, I don’t feel any older than I did five years ago.

Spending time at home this week, kids have home work to do, I have work and chores to get done, Hub’s has started going back to work on a more regular basis, after his op in December .

I am even doing some creating, I know SHOCKER !!

Doing a few more cards for PaperCraft Inspirations and I have put together a trio of layouts to submit to ScrapBook Inspirations quarterly ideas book. these are the first layouts I have done this year. If they don’t make the cut I will share them here.

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