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Sunny Sunday afternoon

Husband out doing his thing, eldest son out with friends on his bike, youngest son downstairs pitching his wits against the games console?!

Me, well I’m sat up stairs in the office with the hairy hound at my feet, wondering if I have anything worth writing to put into a post on here. Let me see, after a nanosecond’s though I would say Nope, so I am just going to ramble as usual and hope no one minds.

To say I have been creatively challenged recently would by an understatement, I know I procrastinate, badly, but when it comes to scrapping and sewing, things I am supposed to do for “the love of it” it reaches an all time high (or low depending on your perspective) I sit there for hours deciding on what photos, then what story to tell, then decide not to bother, so I haul out the fabric, put loads of different colour ways and patterns together, then ask why and who am I making this for ?

Yet, when I have a deadline whether it is for a magazine or a quilt that needs to be finished for a gift, birthday, or Christmas, I can do it.

So I have been cruising through some blogs this weekend looking for “challenges” I found a few that appealed to me that had a long enough deadline that I could complete the challenge without rushing but not so long that I would put them off til later. I may not even submit the layouts I did for these challenges, even if I don’t, it did motivate me to get some layouts done.
I have managed four layouts this week, don’t laugh, that’s amazing, if you bear in mind my last layout was in August 2009. I may just have found a way of kick starting my way back into scrapping, find a challenge and complete it in the time frame given.

What has happened to My 365 project you ask, well I arrived late to that party and never really got going, Oh I planned, put an album together, made journaling cards and took a few sporadic photos, have I done any pages…. NOPE, not a one, so I am shelving that project in the vain hope that I may want to start it in 2011 and get myself prepped for it rather than trying to wing it three weeks too late !

I did toy with the idea of doing just a week in my life along with AE this week, I blew the dust off my camera and took a few practice photos today, but who am I trying to kid I won’t get it done, so I’m going to remain content with the four layouts I managed this week and continue to look for challenges that fit in with my time scales and routines.

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