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OK I Lied

I am going to attempt the “week in the life”

Long term I think it would be a great way of seeing how things change, if I can manage to do this for one week every year and 2010 is a pretty cool year to start it.

I have been taking photos, most of them I think might be disappointing and mundane when I download them , but hey that’s all part of the challenge. I didn’t take one of myself yesterday although I did photograph my feet ?!? So that is the challenge for today… a photo of myself (note to self, wash hair and put on some mascara this morning !)

I took my camera with me yesterday when I took the boys to school, but they were so damm fast on their bikes and I had my 50 mm lens on so I got diddly squat ! lesson learnt, use zoom lens this morning or take a posed shot first before they disappear !

I have to say that I am not convinced that anyone is going to find a week of my family’s existence (from my perspective) that interesting, even my family, but I am prepared and hope to be wrong.

If you aren’t aware this is where you can find the challenge Ali Edwards
As the week progresses and I find more “scrappers” that are entering into the spirit of this challenge I will post a link to them here in the form of a list, so without further ado :-

Abby Garvey

Katrina Simeck

Sharyn Carlson

Jill Kane

Serious Play

Cathy Z

Molly Irwin

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