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Wednesday already !!

Well I have been taking photos every day (one small step ….) and making notes about what my day entails (b-o-r-i-n-g) I thought I was doing really well, but having taken a tour round some of the other “a week in the lifers” I am starting to think that I have definitely not taken any where near enough photos, embarrassingly I have only taken 50 photos in three days and that is including duplicates “uh oh” I may be spending the next four days catching up, photographically that is.

Guess what ? I am not going to let that stop me, I am just going to adjust the way I present my week, it will be more of an over view as opposed to a blow by blow account !!

Taking part in this “challenge” has made me realise that the photos I take are all about details, I prefer zoomed in shots of one or two people rather than large group shots, I like to focus on aspects of a building rather than a shot of the building in its entirety, close up shots not wide angle or panoramic.

I guess what I am saying is forgive me next week when (if) I start sharing my daily photos if a lot of them are very similar in their treatment, angle etc …

I am sharing this one here because this is very me, the way I take photos and I love the bright SOTC colours.

AND for those of you who wanted them, I have added the daily journal cards to my freebies section, thanks for commenting.

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