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Beginning of the weekend

Well it is for me as I don’t usually work on a Friday, I still do my lunchtime job but not my main part time job.

SO, I’m starting off with an early morning haircut, always makes me feel better about myself when my hair has been licked into shape, hope they won’t mind me taking my camera in there with me !!

I still haven’t been very prolific with my photograph taking, it just means that when it comes to doing my “week in the life” pages I won’t get caught up with choice issues when it comes to selecting the images. I am also going to format a grid style layout for my pages so that I remove another stumbling block, the “where shall I put this one” decision and I’m not going to caught up in the “oh no I didn’t take that photo on Tuesday so I can’t use it on Tuesday’s page” scenario either, I may even take more photos next week to fill in any gaps … S-H-O-C-K-E-R

As the weather is going to be gorgeous I am aiming to get the kids to a photogenic location and take a portrait of each of them to go with a questionnaire I have done for them to fill in for me. I might even try and get the DH in on the act too plus I am going to attempt a self timed family shot too.

Should be a nice stress free weekend then …. Pigs have just requested a flight path at Gatwick !!

Right onward …


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