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Monday Madness ?

Will there be any, doubtful … back to routine after a fairly chilled weekend

Lots of work to catch up on this morning before knuckling down to the format of my “week in the life” album, Haven’t purchased the album yet but have got the divided page protectors and the 8 x 11.5 ones.
I am going to go with a simple format potentially just 2 or 3 pages per day, large photo, divided page and a collection of photos page ? If I am short on photos I might not even use the divided protectors, I have taken over 100 photos now, just, I like to think I am being selective about what I photograph ! anyway its still an average of 14 point something photos a day so I think I can work with that.

I like my blog posts to have an image so I added this one, I took it on Friday when I went for a haircut, its just round the corner from the hairdressers and it practically screams springtime at you.

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