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Tuesday, a day where NOTHING got done !

Do you ever have one of those thoroughly dissatisfying days where nothing really gets done?
Well I had one of those today, it was very “bitty” Don’t get me wrong I didn’t sit around all day drinking tea, eating biscuits, and surfing the web, fat chance, but I don’t have anything to say “today I did …”

After dropping of the boys at school I walked the dog, went to the post office, queued, bought stamps, posted letters, went to the bank, queued, paid in cheques, went to the supermarket, queued, bought cereal, came home, loaded washing machine, hung out washing, went to school, visited doctors, picked up prescriptions, went to pharmacy, queued, came home had a cup of tea, walked dog, went back to school, picked up boys, came home, made another cup of tea…..

WOW how exciting to be ME !! (self portrait warts and all)

Will be publishing the template for my large photo/daily intro pages later – watch this space

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