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Everything is disjointed

I’m having one of those days, actually I’m having one of those weekends….

Even though the weather is R-U-B-B-I-S-H again, I did have great plans ….

I feel like I am wadding through porridge right now. I want to shout at my self “Snap out of it !”

Do you ever have days like that, I’m sure that plenty of people do. I have to say I feel quite disorientated.

I am sat here in clothes that a hobo would look twice at, seriously, my kids are still in their PJ’s and its 12.15 ! Does it really matter I ask myself, home work has been done, washing is on the line, dishwasher has been loaded and switched on hoovering is done, I have even cleaned my teeth, so not all bad.

I would normally step into a nice invigorating shower and put on clean clothes do my hair and give myself a bit of a talking to then just get on with the day, except my shower is, in the words of my 10yr old nephew “the worst shower I have ever used”

So instead I am going to scald the funk away with a very hot deep bath.

In other news, I had a couple of layouts chosen for the Autumn issue of Scrapbook Inspirations (quarterly) which I am quite pleased about.

I am gradually getting my week in the life album done, thanks to a prompt delivery of cardstock from Cardinal Colours. I have really enjoyed seeing all the different ways that other scrappers have tackled this project

Here is how my simple intro pages are looking.


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