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Freebie Fonts

I love fonts and free is always a winner with me, over on at the moment Lisa, another typography nut is hosting and she has listed a great selection of sites that do free downloadable fonts, so get your scrapbooking butts over there and check them out.

I want to use some of those classic manilla luggage type tags on some of my projects at the moment so I am trying to come up with a template to cut out on my cricut, but I just can’t get the sizing right. might have to purchase a pack as a sample.

I am working on a layout about glasses at the moment, both my Hubby and the boys wear glasses and their eye tests all fall within a couple of months, the boys glasses are still relatively reasonable, price wise, but Oh My Goodness does my Hubby make up for that !! anyway I thought I might take close ups of their new frames and scrap them all on one layout… just an idea ….

love this photo of my smallest when he first got his glasses.
Original photo taken by Cheryl at Feel Good Photos

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