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PJ and wet weather day

SO, starting to get some deadlines under my belt, catching up on a few chores, think Mt Everest entirely sculptured out of clean un-ironed clothes, I got to the summit of that particular mountain ! Enjoying the lack of routine that half term brings, although the English weather is once again letting the side down, for goodness sake its 1st of June, not the middle of March, where is the sunshine, I can hardly bellow at my kids to get dressed and go play outside when its pouring with torrential rain, now can I ?

Needless to say the Electronic baby sitter is having a hot flush right now, its been in action since about 8 am this morning in one capacity or another, games console screen, cinema screen, primary role as a device for watching broadcasted programmes and back to games console screen, its going to need a nap and the technological equivalent of a G and T soon.

I have been, essentially, a slummy Mummy today, although unlike my children I am washed dressed and have cleaned my teeth. I put all our outdoor plans on hold for tomorrow and the rest of the week, as the weather is apparently going to improve.

I did make one concession to summer and planted my small crop of tomatoes outside, all three of them, they are tumbler plants, easy to care for, no stake patio pot or hanging basket variety.
The boys are interested in growing them and that whole process but wouldn’t dream of eating them, good grief they’re practically a vegetable !

At least the wet is good for something.

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