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Fab Stationary

I have always loved stationary, a lot of that love was driven by the pen friends I had around the world when I was a teenager. they always used to send their letters on the interesting and colourful stationary, particularly those that lived in the U.S.A and Korea. Mad my boring blue basildon bond look totally naff. this is probably when I got into decorating my letters either by hand or with stickers or just writing in different colours, I always used to get lots of packs of note cards and pads of stationary as gifts for birthday’s and Christmas.

Now I very rarely write letters even though I still have a pen friend from those early days (Hello MF !!) we have been writing for 44 years now, but we mostly email and facebook each other now, how sad is that.

Anyway I came across this site yesterday and I love their cards, I love that they are just “words” and the humour is right up my street, WARNING, please don’t look if you don’t like slightly rude irreverent humour.

I want the typestaches poster it is brilliant. Go take a look at their stuff here Old Tom Foolery

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