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Better Photographs

Ok today is the day I learn how to use my camera properly, following the crowds ….
I am taking one of Cheryl’s online photography courses. This one is all about not leaving the camera on the auto setting, getting to grips with the technical aspects of your camera.

I like to think that I’m ok at the creative side of photography, I’m not beyond laying down on the pavement to get a shot I like or in fact climbing onto the roof of a building to look down onto a shot I wanted. But a lot of the time I am severely disappointed by the end result, don’t get me wrong I think that I get some great shots but they are those one in bunch that turn out that way for lots of external reasons not necessarily because I set up the shot /camera settings right. However most of the time the shots I take are OK when I analyse them afterwards I can’t always figure out why they aren’t how I saw them through the view finder.

Here’s hoping thatyou can teach an old dog new tricks.

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