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Ground Hog Day

Monday mornings are starting to get to me a bit now, on one hand I like the peace and quite they bring, with everyone going back to school and work and I get the house to myself.
The flip side is everything starts again for the week, packed lunches, clean clothes and uniforms, play dates, after school clubs, rehearsals etc, etc .

Weekdays make me feel like I’m chasing my tail all day

I naively thought that this last half term at school would be a quiet wind down to the summer hols, but oh no its the busiest half term yet, school trips, play rehearsals before and after school, field trip (5 days away) trial days at the new school (half and full days).
Then I am helping out with costumes and face painting for the play, organising our summer break, sweet talking my parents into having the boys for a few days and fitting everything else in between my husbands flying competition weekends away, three competitions in six weeks !

I know I’m not the only one that feels like this …


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