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Longest Day, already !!

Ok, not really been missing but have been busy, deadlines, work and creative and I have been involved in making costumes for my eldest sons end of year (end of primary school) play.

I’ve applied for a couple of jobs too and started an online photography course with Cheryl too.
Not doing to well on the photo course front though, managed to take and load the required photos for module one, but not on time, I was a day late. Mia Culpa, I thought the deadlines were on a Friday, shabby Louise, very shabby, must try harder.

This is my DOF (depth of field) photo, I am relatively pleased with it, even though the inside of my camera needs cleaning out !

Can’t quite believe that its the longest day of the year already, before you know it people will be telling you how many shopping days to “that large holiday celebration in December” We don’t mention its name in this house until December the 1st !

Going to start some planning next week for the school summer holidays, I’ve already made it clear to the boys that the “electronic baby sitter” (EBS for short) is not going to be switched on in a morning and left on until bed time.

We will be having PJ days at least once a week, there will, unfortunately, be a chores day at least once a week, this will be the day that the EBS gets most use, its a sanity thing, that’s what I am telling myself anyway.

I’m going to get dates of holidays from all the boys friends so that I know who is available to play and who is away. I’m also hoping to fit in a few days doing something special, maybe going up to London, something we don’t do often enough.

The boys and I spent a couple of hours up at “the flying field” yesterday afternoon supporting my husbands hobby, flying remote controlled model planes.

It was a tad on the breezy side but we sat on the tail gate of the car and had a great view of the flight line and all the action.

This airfield has full size planes on site too and one of the pilots flew his Pitts upto the flight line for the boys to have a look at. I had my camera and grabbed a couple of shots when he flew over.

This shot has been photoshopped, I used a couple of actions from PW, boost and old west and I LOVE the effect.

This is the Pitts flying over a collection of the remote controlled models, I was laying on the ground taking this shot.

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