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Second lot of freebies

I know, have I got nothing better to do …. YES I have LOTS but doing this is more enjoyable even if it is just putting off the inevitable.

I have been cruising in cyber space again, a daily hazard when you work from home and no one is checking up on you !

I found some great stuff that can be used, as intended or re purposed for scrap booking.

These great food related lables on the HP web site

Sorry no image, they are linked straight to print, worth it go check them out.

Rather tasteful place cards from Martha, great as journaling cards.

Not sure what you could use this for other than its intended purpose, which is very pretty !

I think these kiddie reward tickets would make a fun embelishment on a layout.

These are really sweet too , can you tell I have boys !

Jinjerup has lots of cute stuff, mostly note cards, labels and lists, all of which can be used on scrapbook layouts, there are too many choices to show them all, visit the site and find your favourite

I love the colours on this one

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