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Adhesives, to Herma or not …

Ever since I started scrapbooking in 2004 I have used herma glue dot rollers, my friend who got me into scrapping gave me a roller with repositionable herma dots in it and I never really bought anything else, occasionally I used double sided sticky tape or herma tabs in a roller, but I always went back to my glue dot roller.

Recently I haven’t been scrapping much if at all, no particular reason, I have also downsized my scrap stuff to the point where I now have less supplies than when I first started, which means I don’t spend a lot of time in scrap shops and so don’t stock up on herma very regularly.

I do however buy stationary supplies for work and whilst looking for re-writeable cds, I came across the Pritt glue roller, which like herma comes in non permanent and permanent. So I bought some to trial.

Not used it much as I have only had it a couple of days but so far I am impressed and it does have an advantage over the herma dots, the actual glue tape is contained in a little cartridge so no more threading an winding, plus you can swap permanent and non permanent in and out of the same roller, if you so wish.

I got mine from Viking direct, but I’m sure that there are a whole bunch of places in the UK that sell it.

2 thoughts on “Adhesives, to Herma or not …

  1. Good question Bev, disappointingly it doesn’t, so one mark for and one mark against !

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