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Much needed relief …

A much cooler and breezy day today, very definitely a relief, we are SO not equipped for ANY extremes of weather at all.

Just finished a little something for issue 78 of Papercraft Inspirations and now looking down the thin end of the school summer term. Anticipating some lovely uninterrupted summer days.

Beach House Northumberland August 2009

As I’m sure I have said before I really appreciate the peace and quiet of the empty house, but I still go in and out of the house three times during the school day, morning drop off, lunchtimes, helping at school and then school pick up in the afternoons.

This gives me very short windows of opertunity to complete things and I always seem to be rushing to get things done or not even starting things because I know I haven’t got time to finish them.

So many projects I would love to complete this holiday, need to be careful not to over commit. Easier said then done.

Love the idea of doing a really simple summer mini album like this one from Molly Irwin.

I wouldn’t be doing anything as messy as painting, but I like the premise of filling in the “senses” sheet and adding photos… nothing else , job done !

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