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Collective GASP !!


I know not quite earth shattering, doesn’t rank right up there with world peace or anything but it is a major biggie for me. I don’t do mini albums, or any albums really, recently, I start lots but never get much past the planning stage.

Not only is this album a mini, it doesn’t have page protectors (do what!) and I have no idea what photos are going in it.

HELP me ….

What you have to bear in mind is I always start with my photos and then I pick papers accordingly then I embellish then I add journaling.

I made this one as a gift for my sisters boys, we are going to be spending time with them again this summer having a bucket and spade holiday. we, my husband and I, always take tons of photos when we visit, my sister takes NONE, so I always give her a CD with them all on when we leave.

This time I thought I would prep a mini book (okay breaking out in a cold sweat)before we went and put one representative photo from each day in it along with some notes on the day.

I have used a combination of 6×6 chipboard pages and 6×6 scalloped acrylic pages, the chipboard ones are covered in patterned paper and the acrylic ones I have stuck a library style card and pocket on with the day date and month pre printed on them.

I’m still having palpitations about the photos not going with the paper I have chosen, but I am self medicating and I think I will survive (I could still have a patterned paper induced break down at my sisters which wouldn’t be pretty, but its unlikely)

I am going to print off the days photo at the end of each day and stick it on the chipboard pages and then journal on the library cards… job done.

I may add a couple of 6×6 envelopes into the mix and take some “spare” pages in case I end up with more photos, but I’m keeping it simple under embellished and easy to execute.

I enjoyed doing this too, so I may scare myself stupid and do another one for myself !!

Here are a few photos, its OK my sister doesn’t visit my blog !

3 thoughts on “Collective GASP !!

  1. very nice louise, see its not difficult is it???
    i love the clean , bright pages, and the little houses are cute…
    could be a cue for a freebie there!!!

  2. um excuse me missis, this is beautiful. Canot wait to see how it looks all filled up. Love the envelopes you’ve used, where are they from?

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