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September here we come . . .

Okay so we still have over a week of August left, but it is definitely starting to get that “Summers over make way for Autumn” feeling around here and its not just the weather, although that “wet stuff” aint helping !!

Anyhoo, as you can see from the sidebar I am promoting Shimelles September online class ” Learn Something New Everyday” if you have the time and inclination this a great class. Its a month long and you can read all about it here.

I always plan to do these classes, PLAN being the appropriate word, I buy the album, get the stuff together take the photos, do all the organising etc . . .

BUT do I ever have a finished album to show for it NOPE, why is that , I’m having trouble figuring it out myself … I go to all the effort, do all the hard work of planning organising and prepping, then wimp out on the executing bit !!

See Art Bin box with half completed Christmas albums x 2, My 365, Album, week in your life album and last years Learn Something New Everyday Album !!

SO I am not going to publicly commit to this class, even though in my heart of hearts I want to complete it… My first born starts secondary school this September, so its going to be quite a month for me and a hell of a milestone for him, definitely worth documenting with more that the obligatory “back to school” layout !!

Watch this space . . . maybe . . .

and because I don’t like posts without eye candy… a photo of a freshly picked bowl of cherry toms from my kitchen window box.

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