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Are you archival safe ?

Me not so much, I’m definitely well into my middle years and starting to feel it more and more now.
I can cope with the obvious sings of ageing, grey hairs – get it coloured, wrinkles – don’t smile or frown to often no one will really notice and keep your shades on in photos !

But I digress . . actually this was a scrapbook question, me, I don’t go out of my way to use stuff that isn’t archival safe, but I don’t worry about using it if its not, does that make sense.

I am looking at putting an album together and I decided to use an A5 binder I already have as the basis for this then I decided to use some A5 envelopes as some of the pages, none of these are speciality scrapbook products.

What I like about ordinary stationary products apart from the excuse to get in the stationary department and browse, is their accessibility and I have to say, sometimes the price. If I decide that I am going to “craft” something there is usually a time factor, ie: I have an afternoon child free, I know lets do that album !

So sourcing the right product from a scrapbook shop isn’t always possible also it sometimes bothers me that scrapbook albums/mini books are “non generic” sizes so that everything, tabbed pages, page protectors, envelopes etc. usually need to be bought for that specific album, which is why I like the generic office supplies.

How about you . . . how do you feel about all this ?

Trying to do the archival safe photo pose, wearing shades and not really smiling… should have thought about the “fat arm” effect though !!

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