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Change of scenery

I am officially moving….

Only my office/craft space not my home, P-H-E-W

I have occupied the smallest bedroom for about the last five years, primarily it was the computer room, the craft room and then I started working from home so it became the office too, all the time staying as a spare room for guests.

It has however come to the point, quite naturally, where my sons need their own space.

My scrapbooking isn’t something I have given up on but it has gone from something I worked on religiously almost every night and weekend, to something I only do when I feel like it. Sometimes I do a layout or even recently a mini album (my first !) and then I won’t do anything for weeks.

So in accordance with this and again, quite naturally, my scrapbook supplies have diminished to the point where I have less stash now than when I started back in 2004. I have all the basics and the necessary tools and some not so necessary ! but I don’t keep so a huge stash on hand, I have a couple of art bin boxes of mixed embellishments and one box of mixed papers and card stock and another with alphas and that is it.

I still savour all the new releases but I am only buying paper as and when I need it now. Its actually quite liberating.

All my scrapbook supplies have been moved downstairs and are contained in a 2ft x 3ft blanket box in the living room and when I want to scrap I will utilise the dining room table.

My office is now going to be one book case and a bespoke corner desk/cupboard to house the printers and my computer in the corner of the living room.

I love having a room upstairs to retreat to but I am also looking forward to scrapping in and amongst my family in the evenings, after all I will be spending all day alone in my corner office working . . .

Plus I will be nearer the kettle !!

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