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September . .

Leaving August and entering September for me is like coming in out of hibernation and I am like a grizzly that has just woken from a long sleep. . .

I love the summer for all its faults and there are things I love about Autumn, the cooler but still sunny days, the need for a jacket but not a coat, socks but not boots.

However, unfortunately, September brings with it the dreaded return of ROUTINE !
The kid + School = routine and the Me + Work @ school= different routine

For me it also heralds the slippery slide towards that, major, seasonal holiday at the end of December, the one that must not be named !!

I’m still tormenting myself with the “I have got the time and inclination to do Shim’s learn something new everyday class” illusion !!

Lookie here if you want to know more

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