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Theme of the month

Well it has to be done really . . .

I know we don’t “Do” Halloween and it is very “American” to decorate and celebrate this event, before I get any nasty comments that isn’t a slur on anyone who does celebrate or who happens to be from across the pond.

I am lucky that my kids are still into getting dressed up and knocking on the neighbours doors for hand outs of sweets and chocolate. We live in a fairly enclosed housing development so doing the whole trick or treating thing is relatively simple. The kids do however follow a couple of simple rules, above all absolutely no “tricking” we avoid this part of the ritual by only approaching houses of people we know or houses that are displaying obvious signs of welcome for the trick or treat brigade.
finally manners, no jostling, no snatching and always say please and thank you.

Anyway I figured I would link you up to Lettering Delights who have some fab offers on at the moment $1 on alphabets, fonts, graphic sets, clip art and paper packs.

I particularly liked their DB Jack-o-patterns 2

They also have some really great ideas on how to use the fonts and dingbats.

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