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OK who turned the lights out ?

Seriously, I know I don’t get up at stupid O’Clock every morning, but when did I miss the fact that sunrise isn’t until 07.40 today, I have actually been up since 5.30, but that’s another story, So I did expect to see the sunrise this morning but I didn’t expect it to be having a lazy morning !!

Have I got anything to share with you this morning, not much actually I have been working on a bunch of Christmas stuff, some for the December Daily project and some personal stuff I am hoping to get done as gifts for friends. I have also been working on some Christmas card designs, typographical ones, obviously.

I will start posting all my Christmas designs next week once Halloween is safely put to bed for another year !

So I will leave you with another Halloween font, DB Fright Night, although it isn’t free it is only $3 (about £1.90) this is from Lettering Delights, I like this as it isn’t a cute font but it doesn’t go along the grunge or horror route either, it is quite elegant and tasteful and with all the flourishes and swirls I think it will really appeal to scrapbookers and card makers.

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