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Yorkshire Parkin, yummy, yummy !!

One of my favourite parts of November, eating copious amounts of Parkin mostly made by my Auntie D

I wasn’t until I came to live in southern England 20+ years ago that I realised not everyone celebrated bonfire night with a large helping of Parkin. Back in Yorkshire it is a bonfire night tradition.

Well I am going to be going to a bonfire night party this weekend and I am going to rock those southern taste buds with a donation of home made Parkin.

Parkin is essentially the Northern English form of gingerbread. Different parkins are characterized by where they are made and Yorkshire Parkin, one the most famous, is made using oats. Yorkshire Parkin is eaten on Bonfire Night, November 5th, celebrating the famous failure of Guy Fawkes to blow up the Houses on Parliament in 1605. Guy Fawkes was a Yorkshireman.

. . . and there you have it in a nut shell !

Keep checking in as I am going to start posting some Christmas Freebies and some December Daily Freebies this week, all designed by yours truly

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