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Pre Dawn

Nope, not a new thriller, but the time of day I am getting up recently, I know that’s not difficult now the mornings are dark but I have been getting up at 5.30am on some weekdays.
Not my normal rise and shine time, but I am finding that if I do this a few times a week I get a little bit more organised, it is giving me some breathing time, to write to do lists etc before the madness ensues.

I have been getting my Hubby to wake me before he leaves for work, making me a cuppa too would be pushing it !! So I am starting off my day in the peace and quiet with my large cup of tea, shuffling my day around, deciding on dinner and what needs to be done, as much as I would love to empty/fill the dishwasher and run the hoover round too, I think my sleeping children may object

OKAY, now I am organised for today and onto my second large cuppa, I have to ask is £5.95 too expensive for a mug ? you know the type that I am drinking my tea out of right now.
Why am I asking this ? well I visited starbucks last week, crest fallen when I found out that my favourite christmas drink has been given the heave ho this year (Dark Cherry Mocha)
Anywho they have some lovely christmas mugs and I toyed with buying a couple for the festive season, my personal favourite is the china version of their christmas paper mug.

BUT I refrained because I thought 10p short of 12 quid was too damm expensive for two mugs, now I am feeling a little grinchy about it.

I have to admit that I am also loving those mugs with the candy cane stripped handles, I think I can see those as the bas for a hot choc gift mug filled with all the goodies necessary to make the perfect hot choc.

Yep sorted, I can stomach paying £5.95 when its for a gift but not for myself, chalk that up to personal logic !!

More Christmas Freebies on their way tomorrow.

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