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Christmas Typography Freebie

Just in case anyone doing either JYC with the lovely Shimelle or December Daily with Ali wants to use this in their journal, I have done a a free printable PDF of my “gift giving” typography.

I hope that you can make use of this, enjoy, feel free to comment , download from HERE.

7 thoughts on “Christmas Typography Freebie

  1. I first heard that poem last Christmas and I really wish I’d heard it before my kids were old enough to know better as I think it would be a great way to control the Christmas insanity.

  2. I love it, thanks! Last year was the first time I had heard that as well.

    One thing I did w/ my kids, was I started making Santa only give a handful of gifts w/ the majority coming from mom & dad. That way, if a year was rough, we could explain that mom & dad were cutting back but they still get the same amount from Santa every year.

  3. Hello!
    A wonderful site and I am particularly pleased that it is done by someone in UK! I wondered if there is an option to subscribe to an RSS feed of your blog? Would be great to keep in touch with what you do!


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