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Back to it

OK I dug myself out from a pile of work and deadlines to find that I then needed to dig myself out from under another pile, laundry and housework, all done now, well kind of.

Have done about half of my Christmas shopping, I will be finishing it on Monday next week, my goal is to get it done before the kids break up from school, then wrap it all the following Monday. I usually end up wrapping all the gifts on the 23rd or even the 24th and I hate that, it may be seasonal but it is rushed and stresses me out and they look shoddy when I do that.

We are late putting up our decs this year, we normally have them all up by now so I am going to remedy that today and tomorrow too as well as catching up on my DD album, I have done lots on it but not one single page is complete yet , mainly due to me running out of printer ink in the photo printer and not having time to go and get any ! C’est la vie !
Anyhoo, I bought some late yesterday afternoon and managed to score another couple of Christmas Gifts too.
So I spent some time last night printing photos that I have taken since the 1st of December, this morning I am hoping to get some pages finished and some more put together.

I am enjoying getting inspiration from all the other December Daily albums and those taking part in Shimelle’s JYC. My particular favourites are Molly Irwin, only 2008 and 2009 available to see, like me she hasn’t posted any photos of this years album yet, I also like Wilna Furstenberg’s it is so jam packed with “stuff” the complete opposite of the way I create, but definitely inspiring.

OK so I HATE blog posts without a photo so here is one I took at the weekend at our local shopping centre.

Taken looking down onto the Christmas tree and the hanging decorations from the third floor.

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