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Sit down before you pass out . . .


Warning photo heavy post today

I am so pleased with myself for getting them done, not so happy with some of the finished pages but I needed to stop procrastinating and get them done.

So without further ado here are days 8 thru 12

I am now going to be concentrating on getting days 1-7 completed, hopefully one current page and one of week ones pages each day.

Day 8 was a three layer page, not intentionally it just worked out that way and it was a great one to do, from the accidental photo of my first born to the subject matter, his birthday.

click on the photo to see it larger.

Day 9 was uber-simple
I went to see my youngest in his school christmas play.

Day 10 was all about putting up the outdoor lights, which was a totally solo venture this year.

Day 11 We did the indoor decorations, well the tree was a joint effort.
I also decided that the back of the page from the previous day didn’t necessarily have to be utilised, I am not being too persnickety about the blank pages, I may fill them up with extra photos at a later date.

Day 12, pretty self explanatory a little story about my smallest son’s favourite Christmas decoration.

Please feel free to leave a comment.

3 thoughts on “Sit down before you pass out . . .

  1. nice pages louise, like the pp and the colours you have chosen, also like
    the printed journaling. the acetate looks cool. photos are great…

  2. Wow! I visit your blog every now and again because I like your “graphic” style. Nice pages! I think this is one of the nicest DD albums I’ve seen so far. Happy Holidays!

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