Posted in december daily 2010

Slow news day

Apart from this being the second post today, it is a very slow news day today and I don’t think it will be any more exciting tomorrow, so my DD entries are going to reflect that.

Yestersday’s entry was all about the B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L Christmas log my eldest son created in cookery class at school.

This page is definitely not complete, it needs the date adding and I have left the backside of the day before’s page blank, I may add something that I have saved from the multitude of christmas magazines I have looked at this season or I may add another photo, but until I decide it is staying blank.

I am trying to vary the photo backgrounds, hopefully to hold your interest and definitely to stop the whole process becoming a chore for me, this is my Christmas poinsettia, I was particularly thrilled to find a large white variety in Ikea and I bought the cute bucket there too, all for less than six quid !!

Hey I think I just gave myself the story for my next slow news day !!

2 thoughts on “Slow news day

  1. Well I love your background! Very pretty. And the album looks very nice as well, love the shape and what you’re doing with your pages so far. I hear you about getting stuff done! My laundry has definitely suffered. My motto is “always clean. never folded” lol! I will have to try your varying background technique, too! : )

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