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16, 17 and 18th DD entries

Apart from our second snowfall of the month we haven’t been up to much since Friday, the boys finished school and work for the holidays, a few chores got done, a little more shopping and a lot of lounging around watching films and avoiding going outside.

I completed another three entries for my DD album and I am feeling really quite happy with the results, on the whole, I had a bit of a creative lull on Friday and although I wanted to start it over as I wasn’t happy with Friday’s entry, I decided to “give myself a break” and left it alone !

I used my white Christmas poinsettia for the inspiration on this page.

Friday was the last day of term, the two library tickets have a comment on them written by each of the boys about what they enjoyed on that day.

This entry is all about the second snowfall and staying inside in the warm.

2 thoughts on “16, 17 and 18th DD entries

  1. whats wrong with fridays its lovely ,as are all the pages!
    especially like the little reindeer, and the library cards…

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